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Helpful blog posts from Your Co-op

field with electricity pylons

Energy Price Cap Guide 2023

Posted June 2023

The UK energy market is still feeling the effects of the biggest energy crises it’s suffered this century. There are multiple reasons as to why we arrived here, but a constant and simple factor is to blame, supply and demand. read more
painting a cut out building green

How to Spot Corporate Greenwashing

Posted May 2023

Going green has resulted in profitable business for companies around the globe. This is excellent news as it means that brands can grow whilst doing some good for the planet. read more
two workers installing solar panels with wind turbines in the background

Why renewable energy is important for the future

Posted May 2023

A large amount of the world’s carbon emissions are created through energy production, by burning fossil fuels to generate electricity and heat. The daily and worldwide usage of oil, coal and gas is the most significant contributor to climate change read more

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