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Why choose us as the truly green energy supplier for your home?

  • 100% backed by Octopus Energy for complete confidence.
  • No greenwash. Nothing to hide. Great value. Actually 100% green.
  • We purchase 100% renewable energy from community solar, wind, and hydro farms.
  • We pay community suppliers a fair price, and we charge you a fair price too.
  • Like for like, we are the best value for truly green energy on the market today.

  • And because we proudly partner with Octopus to offer you a great 5 star service.
    - Octopus are Uswitch Supplier of the Year Winner 2020

    Stay informed with what's happening now

    What happens when an energy supplier goes bust?

    We’re seeing unprecedented times in the energy market with the recent increase in wholesale gas prices impacting countries and leaving smaller suppliers with little option than to close.

    What’s happening in the energy sector?

    With energy prices rising beyond anything we’ve seen in the past decade and smaller energy providers exiting the market, we understand it’s a worrying time for all customers.

    What to do if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills

    If you’re struggling to pay your gas and electricity bills, your energy supplier has to help you, so don’t worry there will be a solution.
    Find out the ways you can get help.

    Switch into energy saving mode

    With recent hikes in the cost of energy and the worry of higher bills, we all try to do what we can to save as much energy as possible. Find out our top 5 easy tips.

    Our tariffs

    We have two simple tariffs to choose from:

    Co-op 12M Fixed
    per month for a typical home
    • Your unit rates and standing charges are fixed for 1 year
    • 100% renewable electricity
    • No exit fees
    • Award winning service from our partner - Octopus Energy
    • Earn membership points on the amount you pay


    Co-op Community Power
    per month for a typical home
    • The UK's only tariff powered with 100% community-run renewable energy projects around the UK and gas is fully carbon offset
    • For every sign up we'll donate £10 into the Community Power fund, to support affiliated community energy groups
    • Your unit rates and standing charges are fixed for 1 year
    • No exit fees
    • Award winning service from our partner - Octopus Energy
    • Earn membership points on the amount you pay

    Why Community Power?

    The energy industry in Britain is ruled by a handful of complacent dinosaurs peddling fossil fuels, pricing trickery and poor customer service. Octopus, the chosen partner and supplier for Co-op energy, is here to disrupt the status quo. All of the tariffs use 100% green electricity – and they’re no more expensive than competitors’ non-green tariffs. That’s why Co-op Energy has chosen Octopus as the only supplier we’ll recommend to you.

    Reduce your carbon footprint with Your Co-op Broadband

    Your Co-op Broadband offers the UK’s first climate positive Broadband. Every month they will fund projects in collaboration with Ecologi to offset 50kg of our climate positive broadband customers’ carbon footprint (that’s about 5% of the footprint of an average person in the UK). That continues for as long as you use our services, so a typical 24 month contract will see us offset 1.2 tonnes of CO2. 

    Switch today and get your first month of Broadband free!

    Fairphone 4 bundle. Sustainable. Long-lasting. Fair.

    Your Co-op Mobile is passionate about fairness in their products and services and are proud to be partners with Fairphone. 

    Fairphone design the world’s most sustainable smartphones and is the only brand to have Fairtrade Gold implemented in its supply chain. 

    The Fairphone 4 is 5G ready, with great battery life and a premium dual-camera. The longer you keep a phone, the more sustainable it becomes and Fairphone offers a unique 5-year warranty. 

    edie award logo

    We're proud to be named Sustainability Leaders Awards Business of the Year

    The Midcounties Co-operative has been named Business of the Year in the edie 2021 Sustainability Leaders Awards in recognition of our work to create a sustainable future and support our local communities.

    We were recognised for our support for community energy through our Co-op Community Power Tariff, the only tariff to provide 100% renewable power, sourced directly from more than 80 community energy projects around the UK.