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Switch to Your Co-op Energy

Your Co-op Energy. Powering Communities with Octopus Energy  

Power your home with renewable sources harnessed by communities across the UK. Our energy comes from renewable projects invested in by local people who are making our future fairer and brighter. Switch to our Community Energy tariff and enjoy renewable electricity that’s good for your home and kinder to our planet.  
100% renewable energy
No exit fees
Award winning service
Earn Membership points
Fixed rates for 1 year
We'll donate £10 into the Powering Communities Fund
Community Power
UK community-run renewable energy
per month for a typical household
Fixed Tariff
per month for a typical household
Flexible Tariff
per month for a typical household

Why choose Your Co-op Energy for your home?

Engineers at a wind turbine farm
Building sustainable energy for a fairer future together – 100% renewable
Woman stood on top of Bottle Yard building in Bristol whilst solar panels are being put on
We purchase renewable energy from over 250 UK community power projects
Sheep in a solar panel farm
We pay community energy suppliers a fair price & charge a fair price too
Girl in a sunflower field with a wind turbine in the background
Offering the best value sustainable energy on the market today

What makes Your Co-op Energy different?

Your Co-op Energy prioritises both sustainability and community. Our Community Power Tariff sources energy from over 250 community energy projects across Britain, many of these initiatives use their profits to create social impacts in their communities.

Find out more about Your Co-op Energy here.  

Rated 5 stars for customer service by over 70% of Trustpilot reviews 

Verified customers of Your Co-op Energy have rated us 4.8/5, and we’re also rated a top 5 energy supplier for customers by Citizens advice, setting us far apart from the largest UK suppliers. Over 70% of our 6,000 reviews are 5 stars, a mark of our success in consistently supporting customers from our UK-centre.
Switching is simple and easy when joining your trusted Co-op.

The Midcounties Co-operative Youth Empowered Committee at a solar panel field

What’s Community Energy?

Community energy redefines UK power generation. Local people come together to Invest in 100% renewable energy that creates a stable, cost-effective and sustainable power supply for homes. Our Community Power tariff promises to create a win-win for both people and planet. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Your Co-op Energy?

Your Co-op Energy is a 100% renewable energy supplier in the UK, offering energy from community-powered sources like solar, wind, and hydro. We are partnered with Octopus Energy to provide various tariffs at the best value prices with a smooth service. 

What types of plans does Your Co-op Energy offer?

Your Co-op Energy offers various plans, including: 
  • Fixed Tariff: Provides a set energy price for a set period.  
  • Community Power Tariff: A unique option powered by 100% community-owned renewable sources. 
  • Flexible: Prices can go up and down in line with the market prices that month. 

How do I switch to Your Co-op Energy?

Switching to Your Co-op Energy is a straightforward process. You can do it online by using your postcode or by phone with an expert to guide you through your switch. 

Will switching to Your Co-op Energy affect my energy supply?

No, switching suppliers won't disrupt your energy service. Your Co-op Energy will communicate the switch to your current supplier, and the changeover usually happens seamlessly. 

What happens if I move?

If you move, you'll need to inform both Your Co-op Energy and your new utility provider. 

Climate Positive Broadband

Your Co-op Broadband offers you climate positive broadband. Every month our customers help fund global community projects, reducing 10kg of their carbon footprint. A typical 24-month broadband contract will see you stop 240kg CO2e from entering the atmosphere, that’s equivalent to 12 train journeys from London to Manchester. Join Your Co-op Broadband and together we can build a fairer future. 

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man using his laptop at home

Fairphone. The fairest smartphone of all. 

Your Co-op Mobile is passionate about sustainable design. The Fairphoneis the most sustainable smartphone yet, 5G ready, and a 5-year warranty for a longer life and is e-waste neutral. Combine this handset with a climate positive SIM bundle, and you have the most ethical phone on the planet. Our SIM bundles cut your carbon footprint by 10kg each month, thanks to our climate impact partner Ecologi. We also plant trees throughout your contract for future decarbonisation. 

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Young woman using her mobile whilst holding her bike