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Powering Communities. Better for the planet. 

4.8/5 Trustpilot customer reviews

Find out more about Your Co-op Energy 

Your Co-op Energy is the community powered choice for the UK that’s 100% renewable and with industry-leading customer service.  

We are committed to offering our customers and local suppliers fair energy prices, with a promise to only source our energy from renewable energy projects from across Britain. 

Why Choose Your Co-op Energy? 

We provide some of the very best customer service in the Energy market, rated Excellent on Trustpilot by over 6,000 reviewers. We offer the best value for truly renewable energy on the market today, supporting you to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

When choosing Your Co-op Energy, you can trust that we will produce 100% renewable power. Our customers have the option of choosing a Fixed Tariff or the unique Community Power tariff – which is the only tariff powered by 100% community solar, wind, and hydro farms across Britain. 
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We believe in Community Power & re-investing 

Community Energy is becoming increasingly popular and vital as we all move towards a more sustainable and lower carbon society.

We work with Younity, our joint venture with Octopus Energy, and local community action groups across Britain to promote sustainable living projects. These projects range from fitting new solar panels across communities to investing in and organising new wind or hydropower.

Community Energy production is key to paving the way for a fair and sustainable future. Not just for our communities but for our families and the future of the planet.

You will have peace of mind knowing there is total transparency over your energy choice, as our Community Power tariff only works with 100% renewable energy sources.

It’s simple. You sign-up. Together we give back.

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How does Community Energy work for Communities that generate power?

Communities across the UK can apply for Younity’s Powering Communities Fund to help kickstart their renewable power generation journey with newly fitted solar panels, wind turbines or hydrogenator.  

Like minded community groups blend the Younity Fund with their own investment to create zero emission electricity. Your Co-op then purchase this energy at a fair price and for every new customer that switches to the Community Power Tariff, ten pounds is added into the Fund for future projects.  

Together with communities, we are able to offer the best value sustainable energy on the market.  

If you would like to find out more, please visit the Powering Communities Fund.  
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Our Younity Partnership with Octopus

Thanks to our partners and energy supplier Octopus Energy, we can offer 100% sustainable energy for UK homes. Our brilliant team at Younity (our joint venture with Octopus) help care for community projects all over Britain by supporting them with grants and loans to help fund their ambitions, and then purchasing the electricity they generate.  

By signing up to Your Co-op Energy, you’ll play a part in helping support the innovation partnerships which will drive the change needed in energy production for a sustainable future. Join the Community Power tariff and you’ll be directly supporting the Powering Communities Fund. 

The Powering Communities Fund encourages businesses and individuals to power their premises with Community-produced energy. By applying for Younity’s financial grants or loans, communities can begin their own renewable energy projects. For each customer that switches to our Community Power tariff, we add £10 to the Powering Communities Fund pot.  

Together we give back to groups like Brighton Energy Co-operative and Awel Aman Tawe – to change the way we generate power. 

We Value our Community 

By joining Your Co-op Energy, you become part of one of the UK’s largest independent consumer co-operatives, Midcounties Co-operative. Award winning for sustainability, our energy initiatives sit at the heart of our co-op business to build a fair future for all.