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Typically, low consumption homes are:
  • Smaller (1-2 bedrooms)
  • Regularly empty on weekdays
  • Newer (1970+)
Approximate usage for a low household:
  • 1800 kWh of electricity Edit
  • 1276 kWh of electricity (day) Edit
  • 924 kWh of electricity (night) Edit
  • 7500 kWh of gas Edit
Typically, medium consumption homes are:
  • Have around 3 bedrooms
  • Have 3-5 occupants
  • May have people at home during the day
Approximate usage for a medium household:
  • 2700 kWh of electricity Edit
  • 2262 kWh of electricity (day) Edit
  • 1638 kWh of electricity (night) Edit
  • 11500 kWh of gas Edit
Typically, high consumption homes are:
  • Are larger (4 or more bedrooms)
  • May be older (pre 1970s)
  • Need a lot of heating
Approximate usage for a high household:
  • 4100 kWh of electricity Edit
  • 3836 kWh of electricity (day) Edit
  • 2814 kWh of electricity (night) Edit
  • 17000 kWh of gas Edit
Good to know

These figures are based on national averages. For a more accurate quote, use your real usage from any bill.
If you don't have one to hand, that's ok - our Octobot will review your estimate after a few weeks to ensure you're paying a sensible amount.