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Powering Communities. Better for the planet. 

100% community renewable energy

Renewable Energy

Adopting renewable energy for your home allows you to have a more sustainable life, without changing your lifestyle. A simple switch that helps the planet, people and your costs. 

Our power comes from renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, and hydro, which are constantly replenished. So unlike fossil fuels, there will be a long-term supply of energy. 

Plus, these natural resources supply a cleaner and healthier way to generate energy, and they will last for generations to come.

What are the sources of renewable energy?

Solar panel farm
Solar Power

The most common renewable energy source, which converts solar radiation into electricity. Sunlight causes electrical charges to move due to the internal electric field inside the PV cell, allowing electricity to flow and provide power.

Wind turbine farm
Wind Power
Kinetic energy from the wind pushes the blades which spins an internal generator to produce electricity.
Hydroelectric plant
Hydroelectric Power
Environmentally friendly energy that is created by the movement of water against a submerged turbine to turn a generator, similar to wind power.

Benefits of renewable energy 

The future of energy is renewable, with many making the switch to renewable energy because:  

If you would like to find out more benefits of renewable energy, please read here

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Are you ready to switch to Your Co-op? 

Your Co-op Energy have been named a top 5 energy supplier by Citizens Advice and rated Excellent on Trustpilot with 4.7/5. Over 65% of our 5,000 reviews are 5 stars, a mark of our success in consistently supporting customers from our UK-centre.
We never greenwash, our electricity is always renewable. As standard, we offer 100% renewable energy on each energy tariff.

And that’s not all, our partners at Octopus Energy work with us to invest in local community energy initiatives so clean energy works for everyone

If you’re thinking about making the sustainable energy switch, find out how much you could save today