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Community Energy. People providing Renewable Power

Introducing Community Energy

Community energy projects and local energy groups bring together like-minded locals to invest in planet-saving projects. Whether that be solar panels on neighbourhood rooftops or wind turbines in farmland fields, these projects are owned and run by the communities they power. 

Profits go towards local initiatives and more renewable energy enters the grid. It’s a truly co-operative way of championing sustainable power. 

Switching to Community Power means you can support a network of local communities across the country. The revenue they receive can go straight towards community initiatives from nature conservation efforts to insulation for homes in disadvantaged areas. 

Switching to Community Power also supports the Powering Communities Fund, as because for every new customer, we put £10 into the pot. Through our joint venture with Octopus Energy, Younity distributes the Powering Communities Fund as grants to community energy groups. 

What does community energy provide for people? 

Communities involved in renewable energy generation see benefits for local people. 
  • New renewable energy generation (solar, wind and hydro) 
  • Savings on energy bills  
  • Warmer homes  
  • Local education on clean energy transition  
  • Potential to add value to homes 

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How are we different?

Row of houses on a UK street

We empower communities to thrive with sustainable energy initiatives for a fairer future.

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Your Co-op is a top 5 energy supplier by Citizens Advice and rated excellent on Trustpilot.

Father with his daughter on his shoulders who's talking to her mother

Younity looks after community projects and purchases community-generated energy from over 60,000 homes and this is growing each year.

Engineers installing solar panels

We supply the UK’s only tariff powered by community projects in Britain, and with gas that’s 100% carbon offset immediately. 

Solar panels in a poppy field

British energy suppliers can have different levels of renewable energy within their fuel mix. We only provide 100% renewable energy.

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Renewable energy enables you to lead a lower carbon lifestyle that also supports community projects.

Wind turbine farm
Younity,Community Renewables Engagement Lead,  Amelia Crews

Step into a low-carbon lifestyle

By switching to Your Co-op Energy, you are actively accelerating the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable lifestyle that must happen society wide.
Your home can become a sustainably powered hub that is supporting the fight against climate change and promoting a fairer future for all.


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The Younity and Your Co-op Energy agreement 

Younity purchases enough energy to power every home on the Community Power Tariff. 
wind turbine in a field with Octopus energy logo

Why do we partner with Octopus?

Octopus Energy are part of the B-Corp accredited Octopus Group, meaning they are committed to being a business that cares. Sustainability and strong business performance should go hand in hand. It’s a mark of their values that they care about the sustainability of their investments. 

Your Co-op Energy and Octopus Energy work together to provide renewable power that’s better for people and the planet. Together, a joint venture named Younity was founded to support community power projects. We have partnered with Octopus Energy so Your Co-op energy customers can access the best value energy and exclusive Your Co-op benefits and offers.  

Octopus Energy are the only Which? Recommended supplier in the UK and provide 100% renewable power, giving Your Co-op customers and members great peace of mind. Younity has supported over 250 Community Energy projects across Britain, providing the most ethical way of producing and purchasing power to create a sustainably powered future.