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Register for your Westmill Trading Dividend

We are delighted to have been able to offer the Westmill Trading Dividend, thanks to the continuing partnership between Westmill and Your Co-op Energy. 

Sign up to the Westmill Trading Dividend 

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the Westmill Trading Dividend for 2023/24. Signed up has now closed. Westmill and Energy4all will be in touch with a further update on when payments will be made and further information. 

About the Westmill Trading Dividend

The Trading Dividend was developed by the three independent co-operatives (The Midcounties Co-operative*, Westmill Solar and Westmill Wind) working together to create a sustainable, circular economy.
  • Westmill Solar and Westmill Wind create renewable energy
  • The Midcounties Co-operative, through their joint venture with Octopus Energy buy the energy from Westmill Solar and Westmill Wind via a Power Purchase Agreement.
  • Your Co-op Energy, a trading group of the Midcounties Co-operative, supplies UK consumers with energy. 
  • Consumers pay a competitive price for authentic green energy.
£50 per household per co-operative will be paid, irrespective of how much you have invested in either co-operative or the size of your electricity bill. if you are a household with a wind and a solar member you will receive £100 under this scheme. The money will be added to your energy account as a credit. Payments will likely be made in April 2024, but this will be confirmed closer to the time. 


To be eligible to receive the Trading Dividend Payments you must:
  • be on a Your Co-op Energy Tariff between the time of application and when the payment is made (estimated to be April 2024).
  • be a member of Westmill Solar and/ or Westmill Wind