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How to Change Energy Supplier - Switch to Your Co-op Energy

Published date: May 2024

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Step 1: Get a Quote

Type in your postcode or select a tariff you like the look of to kickstart your switch. With 4 quick questions, you'll receive a quote in seconds, and you can see how much you could save by changing energy supplier to Your Co-op.

We only ask for:
  • Postcode
  • The general level of energy usage at home
  • The type of energy you would like
  • The type of meter you have

Step 2: Last details before your Switch

Once you have accepted your quote, we'll just need some last details and payment information to set up your direct debit. This only takes a few moments and ensures you can change energy suppliers as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Step 3: Receive your Welcome Email

Within 60 seconds of signing up, Greg the CEO of our renewable energy partner Octopus, will send you a welcome by email.

This is also when your 14-day ‘cooling-off’ period begins. If you change your mind within the next 2 weeks, just let us know and we'll cancel your switch and it'll be like you never left your current supplier.

If you're happy with switching, we'll notify your current supplier and arrange a smooth handover. Once confirmed, you'll be up and running with our renewable energy in about 17 days, but you'll always have a supply of energy to your home no matter the handover date.

Step 4: Let us know your Meter Reading

Five days from your official switch date to us, we'll remind you with an email to ask for a meter reading. We need to know this so we can work out when your old supplier stops charging you for energy, and we start.

There's no rush though as we give you until five days after your switchover date to send us your meter reading (all details are in your welcome email). If you aren't able to share a meter reading with us within this 10-day window, we'll work out an estimated figure with your previous energy supplier.

Congratulations, you're now with Your Co-op using 100% renewable energy!

You are now powered by 100% renewable electricity.

Your switch-over date is your first payment day from your direct debit. We take an initial direct debit to cover your future energy use and avoid any gaps. This starting credit helps adjust for any variations in your consumption.

We'll continue to review your payments every 45 days to ensure they fairly match up to your energy usage. This keeps things smooth and avoids unnecessary credit or debt build-up.


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