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Your Co-op Energy Customer Review

Published date: May 2024

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Now that the energy market is stabilising, and people can start switching again, we decided to check-in with a customer who has been with us through the last few years. We spoke to Gemma about her experience as a Your Co-op Energy customer and here is how she reviewed us.  

Gemma’s Your Co-op Energy review 

Can you tell me a bit about what initially made you choose Your Co-op Energy?

I was so passionate about what was being achieved by Your Co-op Energy, which was helping local communities build more renewable energy projects. I felt I needed to become a part of it and have 100% renewable power for my home, which is why I chose the Your Coop Energy Community Power Tariff. 

When it comes to managing your energy service, how easy or difficult do you find it to navigate your online account or contact customer service?

It is so easy! I have an in-home display with my smart meter and that works alongside the app, so I am able to monitor my usage easily and when I had an issue with the smart meter, I emailed Octopus who were able to assist me and it was sorted very quickly.   

I recently changed my tariff back on the community power tariff from being on the variable rate for some time due to the energy crisis. It only took me a few clicks to initiate the tariff switch! 

Have you ever had to contact our customer service team? If so, how would you rate your experience?

I have only ever had to email and have always had a response in a matter of days. They have always been very helpful and made it stress free.  

How do you feel about using a Co-operative business as your energy supplier?

I love it! Its great knowing that I’m paying for a service which is doing more than just supplying me with energy! I also take comfort knowing that my energy tariff is helping new renewable energy projects get off the ground in communities.  

Overall, how satisfied are you with Your Co-op Energy as your energy supplier? (Scale of 1-5)

5 out of 5! 

Understanding usage and billing with Your Co-op Energy

Do you feel you have a good understanding of what you're being charged for on your energy bill?

Yes, I do. There’s nothing that seems to make it complicated and I can always see what I’m paying for and why.  

Is there anything about your bill that you find confusing or unclear?

No, I find all the information is clear. 

Do you feel you're using more energy than you'd like? If so, are you aware of any resources or tools Your Co-op Energy offers to help manage consumption or efficiency?

Yes, we’re a busy household with 2 preteens, so electrical devices always seem to be in use! But being supplied with the in-home display for our smart meter, it gives us the tools to manage this and see when our energy is most in use.  

Your Co-op’s Sustainability and the future of your home energy service

Are you aware of Your Co-op Energy's commitment to sustainability? If so, how important are these values to you when choosing an energy supplier?

Yes, with the changing world, I think it’s really important for us to look into our suppliers and see what their commitments are. I value sustainability but with my busy home and lifestyle I also need convenience when it comes to my utilities and Your Co-op Energy have provided the answer to both.  

Looking ahead, is there anything Your Co-op Energy could be doing differently to improve your overall experience?

No, I think the community energy tariff that only generates renewable power is amazing!  

Would you be willing to recommend Your Co-op Energy to friends or family?


Gemma has been a valued customer of Your Co-op Energy for the last few years and has enjoyed a range of our renewable energy tariffs during the energy markets most volatile time and has still had a 5/5 experience.  

But Gemma isn’t the only one, verified customers of Your Co-op Energy have rated us as Excellent on Trustpilot 4.7/5, and over 65% of our 5,000 reviews are 5 stars. A mark of our success in consistently supporting customers from our UK-centre. We’re also rated a top 5 energy supplier for customers by Citizens advice, setting us far apart from the largest UK suppliers.  

Find out more about Your Co-op Energy.  


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