Green Energy

With a change in lifestyle, many are opting to go greener as it is clean energy. It provides value to both the planet and helps you save your energy cost.

It comes from renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, and sea, which are constantly replenished, so we never run out. 

Plus, these natural resources provide a cleaner and healthier way to provide energy, lasting for generations to come!


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What are the sources of green energy?

Green energy is generated from renewable energy sources, offering the ultimate clean energy package, including:

  • Solar Power – The most common renewable energy source, which converts sunlight into green electricity 
  • Wind Power – Kinetic energy from the wind transformed into a clean power source
  • HydroElectric Power – Environmentally friendly energy that is created by the movement of water
Solar Farm
Benefits of Green Energy

Benefits of green energy

The future of energy is green, with many making the switch to renewable energy because:

  • Renewable energy is sustainable because it won’t run out
  • Green electricity is healthier and cleaner than fossil fuels
  • No greenhouse gases are produced that causes global warming
  • Using green energy reduces your energy costs

Are you ready to switch to our green energy?

At Co-op Energy, we don’t greenwash, our electricity is always green. As standard, we offer 100% renewable energy on each green tariff.

And that’s not all, our partners at Octopus Energy work with us to invest in local green energy initiatives so clean energy works for everyone. 

If you’re thinking about making the green energy switch, find out how much you could save today. So we can all enjoy green energy together. 

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Green energy

UK commits to reducing carbon
emissions by the fastest rate of
any major economy

Energy field

The UK is a world leader in clean
energy, with over a third of energy
coming from renewables

Taskforce Energy

UK government launches taskforce
to support drive for 2 million
green jobs by 2030