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Renewable Energy Solutions for UK Homes: A Complete Guide

If you're thinking about cutting your home's carbon footprint but unsure of how to better-power your home, fear not as there are numerous renewable energy solutions. This guide will walk you through all the best possible options and giving you an insight into the realities of switching. 
wind turbine in a field

Why use 100% Renewable Energy for a UK home? 

Renewable energy is ready here and now to not only reduce your home's carbon footprint but also provide you with potential savings on energy bills.  

However, the UK is still reliant on fossil fuels, mainly natural gas, for its electricity generation. These fuels release harmful greenhouse gasses when burned, most notably CO2, contributing to climate change.  

As we move towards a cleaner future, the UK is actively reducing its dependence on fossil fuels. Which is why by 2050 the UK is set to be carbon neutral and you can help accelerate this with renewable energy for your home. 

Renewable Energy provides:

Sustainability boost for your home:

Renewable energy sources like solar, hydro and wind power are clean and sustainable, meaning they don't emit greenhouse gas emissions while generating electricity.  

Potential savings when switching:

By generating your own energy or switching to a renewable energy supplier like Your Co-op, you can potentially reduce your energy bills and CO2 emissions.  

The Power of Community: Your Co-op Energy's Community Power Tariff

Did you know that by simply switching to Your Co-op energy you can make a big difference to local people all over the UK? At Your Co-op Energy, we're here to support communities and increase sustainability. That's why we offer the Community Power tariff, but how does it work? 
  • A local group come together and Invest in a new renewable energy project (solar panels, wind turbines or a hydropower generator).  
  • Community energy lets local’s co-own renewable energy and share profits for local initiatives and future projects.  
  • Your Co-op Energy buy and sell this community-generated electricity at fair prices so that customers can have 100% renewable energy for their homes. 
This means that when you choose our Community Power tariff, you're directly supporting new solar panels on a community centre or a wind turbine powering a school! It's a fantastic way to make a positive impact close to home. 

Solar Panels on UK homes 

Solar panels are the most popular renewable energy source fitted to UK homes. The panels capture the sun's rays and convert them into electricity that can power your home. Here's the solar panel scoop: 
  • How they work: Tiny solar cells in the panels absorb sunlight, creating an electrical current. An inverter then transforms this into usable electricity for your home. 
  • Is my roof ready?: Not all roofs are equal when it comes to housing and maximising the sun’s rays. When speaking to a supplier, factors like roof space, sunlight exposure, and your home's energy needs will be assessed to see if you're ready for solar panels.  
  • Sun-sational savings: While there's an initial investment, solar panels can significantly reduce your electricity bills over time. Plus, the UK government offers incentives like the Smart Export Guarantee, which means you can even earn money by feeding excess solar energy back into the grid
sheep in a field with solar panels

Wind Power for Your Home 

Imagine converting the wind outside your window into clean electricity for your home! Domestic wind turbines, the smaller versions of the giant structures in wind farms, offer this exciting possibility. But are they a good fit for everyone? 

Domestic turbines offer a chance to bring wind power to your doorstep but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Here you can quickly see if they're a good fit for your home. 
  • Domestic Turbine Power: The power requirement of your home may not suit the average production of a domestic wind turbine (alone), so you may need another power supply to complement it.  
  • Location, Location, Location: Believe it or not, not every UK home is blessed with perfect wind conditions. To have a productive turbine and a consistent flow of energy you will need a near constant breeze of wind passing by. 
  • A good fit for your home?: Domestic turbines can be a fantastic renewable energy choice, but they might not be suitable for all properties. When a supplier assesses your home, they'll see if there is a suitable spot to place a domestic turbine and if there are any tower height restrictions in your local area.  
wind farm in the UK countryside

Ground Source Heat Pumps: Tapping into the Earth's Core 

Ever wondered if you could use the Earth's natural heat to keep your home renewable powered? Mother Nature's got your back! Here's where ground source heat pumps come in: 
  • Subterranean power: These clever pumps extract heat from the ground beneath your home, using it for central heating and hot water. It's like having your own personal geothermal power station.  
  • Efficiency that's tough to match: Ground source heat pumps are incredibly efficient, producing 4kwh of heat for every 1kwh of electricity. GSHP can potentially reduce your heating bills and carbon footprint.  

Switch to a Renewable Energy Solution 

While solar panels, wind turbines and ground source heat pumps can each deliver a long-lasting and low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels, they can also be expensive to fit and maintain. So why not switch in seconds to Your Co-op Energy for 100% renewable electricity? We offer a fixed and variable tariff to suit your needs and our unique Community Power tariff.
100% renewable energy
No exit fees
Award winning service
Earn Membership points
Fixed rates for 1 year
We'll donate £10 into the Powering Communities Fund
Community Power
UK community-run renewable energy
per month for a typical household
Fixed Tariff
per month for a typical household
Flexible Tariff
per month for a typical household