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Introducing Community Power

Community energy projects and local energy groups bring together like-minded locals to invest in community generation projects – Whether it’s putting solar panels on neighbourhood rooftops, adding wind turbines to local farmland or water renewable energy, where we harness power from the local river – these projects are owned and run by the communities they power.

Profits go towards local initiatives. More green energy gets pumped into the grid. It’s a truly co-operative way of generating clean power.

Purchasing Community Power means you can support a network of local communities across the country, and we pay the generators a fair price for the power they produce. The revenue they receive can go straight towards community initiatives from nature conservation efforts to insulation for homes in disadvantaged areas.

Our tariffs

We have two simple tariffs to choose from:

Co-op 12M Fixed
per month for a typical home
  • Your unit rates and standing charges are fixed for 1 year
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • No exit fees
  • Award winning service from our partner - Octopus Energy
  • Earn membership points on the amount you pay


Co-op Community Power
per month for a typical home
  • Britain's only tariff powered with 100% community-run renewable energy projects and gas is fully carbon offset
  • For every sign up we'll donate £10 into the Community Power fund, to support affiliated community energy groups
  • Your unit rates and standing charges are fixed for 1 year
  • No exit fees
  • Award winning service from our partner - Octopus Energy
  • Earn membership points on the amount you pay


Quick, fair, transparent quote

Support your community

Support community owned projects

100% renewable energy sourced from small scale community wind, solar and hydro farms.

Co-op energy

Invest in a future we all have a share in

83% of the $13.3 trillion of global investment in electricity systems by 2050 could be in zero-carbon technologies.

Co-op energy

Improve your energy independence

Clean & renewable energy sources were responsible for providing more electricity to UK homes and business than fossil fuels in the last quarter.

The UK’s only tariff 100% powered by community generated green electricity projects – with carbon neutral gas, too.

How are we different?

Many people have heard of the term “greenwashing”- claiming something is greener than it fully is, and it’s important to us that our customers truly understand our green credentials. We are currently buying enough community generated energy to power 60,000 homes.

For every unit of electricity a customer uses on our community power tariff, we purchase another one directly from a community generator to match. This is the greenest source of energy. We offer the only community power tariff that is directly powered by community generated electricity in the UK and we full carbon offset the gas.

Energy suppliers will have very different levels of renewable energy within their fuel mix. By signing up to our Community Power tariff, customers will be confident that we are purchasing (and directly supporting the generation of) the equivalent amount of “green” energy directly from community owned generators.

Man walking in a field

We have partnerships with over 200 of these projects around the UK. We buy their energy directly through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), giving community generators a fair price for the power they produce.


Step into a low-carbon lifestyle

To prevent catastrophic climate change, improve our energy independence, and ensure a
sustainable and secure energy supply, the UK needs to transform its power sector. To do this, we need to rapidly embrace renewable energy and embark on a widespread program of energy savings.

There is no doubt about it: greener is better. The fantastic partnership between Co-op and Octopus Energy aims to ensure everyone can benefit from powering your homes.

Introducing Co-op Community Energy

We all have a responsibility to look after the planet and treat it with respect. At Co-op Energy, we’re doing our part by providing the UK’s only tariff powered by 100% community
generated electricity with fully carbon offset gas.

Co-op Community Energy is a new joint venture by Octopus Energy and Midcounties Cooperative, signifies a new era for local renewable energy generation. The establishment of this stand-alone company, led by Michaela Cryar (a leading figure in community energy circles), underscores our commitment to growing the UK’s community energy sector.

Renewable energy now dominates the UK

Renewable energy is now dominating over fossil fuels. In the first half of 2020, just 34% of Europe’s power came from coal, gas and oil, versus the 40% that came directly from clean power sources like solar, wind and hydro.

As Octopus Energy’s CEO, Greg says:

“By funding and using local renewable power from the community, for the community, when the sun shines, the wind blows and rivers run, we can take the pressure off the national grid and save the world from using even more fossil fuels.”

And the chief executive of the Midcounties Co-operative, Phil Ponsonby said,

“We’ve long been the leading supporter of community power in the UK, and with the launch of Co-op Community Energy we want to go even further. We’re already off to a flying start. We’ve already secured 13 new Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) including five hydro-electric sites owned by the National Trust across Wales. The new agreements take the number of sites supplying renewable energy to our customers to 84.“

Renewable energy

Why do we partner with Octopus?

Doing energy better – for you and for the environment.

The energy industry in Britain is dominated by a handful of major companies who are notorious for offering tariffs that are complicated and hard to trace, accompanied by poor customer service.
Octopus, the chosen partner and supplier for Co-op energy, is here to disrupt the status quo. All of
the tariffs use 100% green electricity — and they’re no more expensive than competitors’ non-green
tariffs. That’s why Co-op Energy works with Octopus Energy to deliver green and fair power to our customers.

  • 20% of Octopus Energy is owned by their staff. All full-time employees are shareholders, and that’s important to us here at Co-op. We see a future where not only the team within the supplier, but all independent solar and wind farms actually own a part of the bigger solution.
  • Octopus were the UK’s only energy supplier to offer a smart way for people to get paid for the surplus solar power energy they generate at home. This means paying small-scale, independent energy generators here in the UK who themselves are part of the co-operative family.
  • Octopus provide straightforward great value with no exit fees and no engineer visits required during your energy switch.
  • And to match our drive for brilliant customer service, Octopus answered your calls within 2 minutes on average over the past year, winning them the Uswitch supplier. They are also the only supplier to be awarded Which Recommended Provider 5 years running.